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Performing in projects



COMMUNAL ROPE "as a promise of what is yet to come" |2021

All is 'One Anamnesis Remembering our ancient future' |2021

Scenario |2020

Durational Performance

Choreography, concept: 

Anna Mesquita, Leandro Zappala

Production: QUARTO & Nordberg Movement 

Co-production: Weld, MDT & Dansens Hus Stockholm 

A a six-hour performance that moves slowly through the city of Stockholm

4 September 2021

*as part of my studies in SKH-Uniarts

-Official web page & video documentation


Site specific performance

Concept-choreography-direction: Apostolia Papadamaki

Archeological Site of Zakros, Crete

4All of Greece One Culture' Festival

23-24 July 2021

-Official festival page



Concept, choreography: Ofelia Jarl Ortega


MDT Stockholm, MyWildFlag Festival

August 2020

*as part of my studies in SKH-Uniarts

-Official web page



10 Stops around China

 'Dragon Dance' | 2019 

Cabaret Revolte   'A Night in the Underworld'  | 2017-2018

Aeschylus’ Eumenides | 2016

Karagiozis and the Cursed Serpent | 2015

Promenade performance

Conception-composition-general supervision: Konstantinos Tsakirelis

Kazantzakis Museum

4th International Art & Literature Festival

"Travelling... China"

8-14 July 2019

- Official festival page

- Video documentation of the festival


Contemporary cabaret performance

(dance, theater, singing, recitation and circus)

Echtagi Dance Theater Collective

Choreographed and directed by: Konstantinos Tsakirelis

Presented on:

March 2018 Heraklion Crete (8 days)

July 2017 Heraklion Crete (7 days)

- Photos 

Greek tragedy performance

(dance, speech and singing)

Echtagi Dance Theater Collective

Choreographed and directed by: Konstantinos Tsakirelis

Presented on:

July 2016 Heraklion Crete (3 performances)

- Teaser 


(Dance, shadow theater, puppetry)

Echtagi Dance Theater Collective

Conception-general supervision:

Konstantinos Tsakirelis

Presented on:

November 2015 Heraklion Crete

July 2015 Heraklion Crete

(performances for childrens & adults)

- Trailer

picture official.png

Radical Empathy |2022


Concept, choreography: Liz Kinoshita


Stockholms University of the Arts, Stockholml

24 May- 2 Jun 2022

*as part of my studies in SKH-Uniarts

-Official web page


Video productions



The dancer of Baku | 2018

the NELKEN-Line | 2017

An Asch Meal | 2016

Video installation


Kazantzakis Museum

International Art & Literature Festival

"Travelling... Russia"

18-22 July 2018

- Official festival page

- Video Documentation of the festival

Video production

Echtagi Dance Theater Collective and Friends


In October 2017, members of Echtagi and friends performed "The NELKEN-Line" along the medieval Venetian walls of Heraklion, joining the project DANCE! of the Pina Bausch Foundation. The event was held in the framework of "Monitor Fest", the annual Contemporary Arts Festival in the island of Crete, Greece.

- Video

Video production

Echtagi Dance Theater Collective

Conceived and directed by:

Konstantinos Tsakirelis, Nikolas Leventakis

3 awards in 60secondsdance competition 2016 - Denmark: Runner-up and Audience Award,

Norway: Audience Award

The film is about a social meal. The title is given from Solomon Eliot Asch. Asch was a psychologist most known about his social experiments in which he demonstrated the influence of group pressure on opinions.

- Video


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